organic custom modular light
Inspired by its amorphous, blob-like, shape-shifting namesake, the ‘Amoeba’ is a hanging kit-of-parts lamp constructed of intersecting organic forms – pieces that can be rearranged, removed and added anew at any time without any complex tools or new parts.
organic hanging pendant light
It looks complete, contemporary and and unchangeable at first glance, but can be endlessly modified create all kinds of unique aesthetics and functional formations. The seems between each part are barely visible even up close.
organic hanging light design

While it certainly has a distinctive style, do not be misled: Vibia gave precise purpose to the many (seemingly abstract) modular parts of which these are made. By allowing a limited set of five modules to be combined in nearly endless ways, this lighting fixture can be adapted over time and spread out over space in different ways as user needs change and evolve. In short: it is not a one-time-only, one-size-fits-all lighting solution, but rather a flexible system with innumerable permutations.