Modos Modular Furniture 1

Our lives are constantly shifting and changing, so why shouldn’t our personal environments adapt as necessary? Sometimes we just need an extra shelf for a new collection of books, or we’d prefer to stand at our desks rather than sit. The Modos series of modular furniture makes that possible with a simple set of wooden boards and aluminum connectors that can be assembled into tables, shelves, stools and more.

Modos Modular Furniture 2

Modos Modular Furniture 3

Eliminating the need for tools, this flat-pack furniture set clips together various sizes and shapes of FSC-certified, furniture-grade plywood laminated with formaldehyde-free glue. While a lot of flat-pack furniture is so complicated to assemble, you practically have to set aside an entire day to do so (ahem, IKEA), the Modos series fits together in seconds.

Modos Modular Furniture 4

Modos Modular Furniture 5

The hexagonal shapes that result when you assemble the parts are structurally strong, yet disassembling them is just as easy as putting them together. If you move to a new place that requires a new configuration, you simply take your creation apart and start anew.

Modos Modular Furniture 6

Made of solid birch and alder veneer cores in rectilinear forms to reduce waste, the wooden parts are durable and sustainably sourced. The anodized aluminum connectors won’t weaken with repeated assembly and disassembly.