Monobloc Chairs 1

The ubiquitous white plastic garden chair springs into a variety of human poses in this fun series by Bert Loeschner. Ordinary monobloc polypropylene chairs are transformed using heat so they seem to link arms, swing from ropes or perch over storm drains holding toilet paper as if they’re using the restroom.

Monobloc Chairs 4

Monobloc Chairs 2

We’re used to seeing this chair virtually everywhere, and it’s normally anything but remarkable. Cheap and basic as can be, it’s a mainstay in residential backyards and outdoor cafes. But by melting the arms and twisting them into new shapes, Loeschner anthropomorphizes them in unexpected ways.

Monobloc Chairs 5

Monobloc Chair 6

This isn’t the first time a designer has subverted this ordinary outdoor chair. Another series by Kai Linke mirrors the chairs so they produce everything from functional stools to strange art pieces.