Pixelated Classic Furniture 1


A pixelated portrait from a classic painting is splashed across traditional furniture designs in a modern-meets-Old-World mashup by Italian design firm Studio Badini Creatam. The Trip Pixel Collection consists of a wardrobe and two small chests of drawers with ornate shapes and details that wouldn’t look out of place in historic European homes and hotels, but shaken up with the addition of a little bit of modern technology.

Pixelated Classic Furniture 2

Created for Italian brand Seletti, which offers a wide range of classic designs that have been updated in a fun way, the collection visually references two very different time periods, maintaining a sense of cohesiveness through the imagery chosen. Perhaps it wouldn’t have worked quite as well if the art used had been that of, say, Jackson Pollock or Andy Warhol.

Pixelated Classic Furniture 3

Pixelated Classic Furniture 5

Classic French baroque style meets 21st century digital tech with the subtle pixelation, which is extended around all sides of each piece and integrated into details like the handles.

Pixelated Classic Furniture 4

Pixelation has been brought into interior design and product design in lots of fun ways, including color-changing wall tiles and ‘censorship towels‘ that appear to blur out your private parts.