If the idea of a lofted forest home set up against the tree canopy conjures images of rustic cabins or nailed-together shacks, you might need to adjust your perspective when looking up at this expansive contemporary tree house.

Set on a series of thin metal stilts (with tension rods to prevent torque), the design by HSWSG is a Japanese weekend getaway both apart from and a part of its surroundings – an unwalled ‘floor’ underneath is shielded from rain, but otherwise open to the elements on all sides.

Above and inside, wrapped in a corrugated-steel exterior, is a rather modern minimalist interior with simple straight edges, wood furnishings, glass accents, broad windows and glazed sliding doors.

No rooms are lacking for full-time occupancy, either – a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living rooms are included. Early modernists would recognize their influence on this neat decor-lacking retreat.