thingk kitchen objects

Kitchen gadgets don’t have to be made of cheap plastic or easily-dirtied metal. There exists a very attractive balance in the GK Series from Thingk. Their sophisticated wooden kitchen tools are smart, smooth, and multi-functional.

scale clock

The CLOGK is a cylinder with a slanted top that looks a bit like a wooden paperweight. But touch its sides and it lights up to become a clock or a kitchen timer.

clock timer

The GKILO looks just like a wooden cutting board, but it too has hidden functionality. When it lies on one side it acts as a clock, and when it is turned onto its other side it is a kitchen scale. (We would likely still be tempted to use it as a cutting board, but that probably isn’t recommended.)

thingk GKILO

These kitchen gadgets are simple in appearance, but there’s a lot going on inside. They connect to an app that helps you as you cook; if you weigh a piece of food on the GKILO and indicate what type of food it is on your smartphone, the app will recommend the appropriate cooking time. The app will then set the CLOGK’s timer so all you have to worry about is the seasoning.

smart kitchen objects

As all of our home items grow smarter and more connected, it seems that at some point everything will have multiple functions. One of those functions, of course, will be connecting to your smartphone and to one another, making the entire household work smoother and more efficiently.