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It is an old mental image still lodged in the psyche of most minds: the bundle of belongings tied to a gnarled walking stick, wrapped in an informal bundle for simple but far wanderings.

Nu Null revisits this classic ideal with a somewhat-updated variant: a minimalist dowel slotted into a hole drilled into found fig branches, and tie-patterned scarves with single buttons for easy fastening of your sack of goods.

The sleeker silky bag gets tossed, in turn, into a rougher-edged, tied-shut bundle that can be more easily suspended from the stick. It is somehow not hard to imagine hipsters taking themselves a little too seriously with a project like this.

It is proposed as a reaction, in part, to the complexity of most modern travel: “Faggotteen aims to be an ode to slowness and wandering, to the kind of mobility when baggage was essential … [It] is intended to suggest a different interaction between man and object – in which each part is involved – following the current trend that reclaims the slow elegance of activity, far from industrial rhythms.”