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Having cool, simple, modern furniture in your home is great, but there is the big problem of how to afford that furniture. One way, which has been popular with a certain breed of adventurous souls for a very long time, is to make it yourself. On HomeMade Modern, Ben Uyeda shows how to turn $5 worth of materials into a stool that looks like it cost 10 times as much.

The plans are simple and bare-bones: get a bucket, mix some concrete in it, stick dowels in, let it dry, and then pull out a finished stool. The instructions aren’t literally that simple, of course, but they are easy enough that even the novice DIYer could pull off this project with little to no frustration.

Like any good DIY project, this one is infinitely customizable. You can change the shape of the seat depending on the mold you use for the concrete; add an extra leg or some extra support for the legs; even add a splash of color. And although the project is called The $5 Bucket Stool, you can use it in just about any room as a small table, plant stand or bedside table.