rustic modern green house

Designed in a rigorous structural grid, this rural modern home by FGMF contends with a variety of demanding contextual conditions and resolves them in a way that is internally elegant and connects the house (green-roofed and partly underground) with the surrounding natural environment.

rustic underground hillside home

The extension of green grass onto the roof ties the home into the adjacent hillside from which it seems to emerge. From the lookout at the top of the hill the house is almost completely camouflaged against the backdrop of trees, mountains and sky above.

rustic modern forest home

The introduction of a regular structural grid with infilled rooms and exterior patio and deck spaces made it possible to bring nature into the house complex itself and to keep from disturbing critical parts of the site ecosystem that limit the buildable footprint.

rustic rural grid house

The approach from the road most clearly reveals the rigid structural grid that permeates the entire project. This grid-based approach also makes it much easier to later add additional modules that could extend the current interior living, sleeping, eating and working spaces as needed in the future.

rustic hillside home

A lookout space on top of the hill serves as a semi-enclosed living space with views out on the surrounding area.

rustic modern grid home

With rustic materials (wood and steel) this house seems to be the perfect eco-friendly hillside-and-underground home or retreat but nonetheless has rigorous geometries and modern interiors that make it fit for comfortable contemporary living.