As much a conceptual work of art as a practical portable prefabricated piece of architecture, this modern take on the traditional log cabin has a very clear idea carried to completion: a stack of logs ‘broken’ in the middle (snapped liked twigs, perhaps) to create two separate-but-related pieces of a whole.


The break is not without its reasoning: transporting, lifting and setting each unit is much easier with two small structures than it would be with a single large building. The entrance to each volume faces the other, providing views out in either direction and through slits along the sides.


From Olgga Architects: “The flake house, a nomadic, road-gauged dwelling, has been conceived to clad the places wherever it lands, as to transpose them in an unusual vision. A poetic shelter, a folie, that merges low-tech and hi-tech. The interior finish is smooth and stripped down as to contrast with the traditional look of the external log cladding.”