diy yurt project

Crocheting brings to mind simple craft projects – a hat, scarf or some woolly winter mittens. Kate Pokorny has something much much bigger planned: a whole mobile mini-home, hand-crocheted from500 pounds of local New Hampshire lambswool.

diy yurt project 3

Yurts are traditional living structures for nomads in many countries and historical cultures, but this design proposes using a unique approach: an igloo-like structure made via crochet from a single continuous strand of felted wool.

diy yurt project 2

Like the idea of a yurt, crocheting sounds at first like a conventional activity for creating simple and repetitive woven forms – but as Kate points out it can also “be used to represent hyperbolic space and coral reefs” and is definitely innovative in this kind of architectural application.

diy yurt project 4

Aside from the urge to create something new and different, there are subtle functional and sustainable reasons for this approach. Wool is a renewable resource, crocheting creates strong physical structures and domes and arches are well known for their stability and strength. In short: there may be fascinating ways to extend the ideas and techniques tested and used here beyond this singular construction project. Check out the video at (and be sure to kick in a donation via) Kickstarter if you too would like to see what a full-sized, hand-crocheted yurt will look like.