This house boasts two sitting areas, a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining table, a wood stove, a bathroom and ample storage like any conventional home – but it barely measures eight feet across, and cost just $33,000 to build, including appliances. A couple looking to escape the burden of a mortgage designed and built it themselves to live off-grid on their 5 acres of land in Oregon.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison felt like their lives revolved around paying the monthly mortgage on their conventionally-sized home. With backgrounds in construction, they were confident that they could come up with a solution that would give them more financial freedom. The result is ‘hOMe,’ a narrow house on a trailer base packed with clever space-saving details.

The home includes a shower, a composting toilet, a sleeping loft screened off by IKEA dressers, a kitchen with granite-topped counters and a box staircase capable of storing a washer/dryer combo in addition to clothes, shoes and other small items.

It took the couple four months and $22,000 to build the home, while the high-end appliances, cabinetry, furniture and fixtures cost another $11,000. The house is powered with solar panels, and gets its heat from a wood stove, drastically reducing utility bills.