Modernism at its best, this simple shelving system is made up of white wood boxes with black-highlighted slits and front surfaces. These elemental color choices highlight different functions show off the sleek twist to this practical do-it-yourself furniture design.

The basic building blocks of this crafty storage unit series called Konnex is a set of three different boxes – each the same in shape but scaled up and down in size. Even with just three there are many layout options. With more, well, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Shown here is the as-advertised base unit consisting of six modules (two of each size), but once you get the idea you could create anything you want … pyramids, towers, steps and so forth to fit any nook and cranny you have in your home.

And that is just thinking in two dimensions. What would happen if you started adding slots so you could build the system out from the wall as well, or use them to turn corners or even span the ceiling? The only catch: one could wish these were designed to pack flat, making them more mobile and save shipping space (and cost) but perhaps the next-generation variants will be … it just seems strange to have storage-system boxes that require, well, another box in which to store and ship them.