Modern log furniture wood and resin

Strangely enough, the creative duo behind these hybrid synthetic/organic designs will be the first to tell you: they have no idea what each piece will ultimately look like. The unusual modern log furniture comes into its full form only after the resin solidifies and the finished object is revealed. Everything depends on a unique fusion between the highly variable wood and the resin as it seeks out each crack and wrinkle.

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Modern log furniture tree rings
Modern log furniture coffee table
Modern log furniture side table

Michael Thomas Host and Tanja Hinder of mth woodworking in Vancouver, BC, use sections of trees ranging from 60 to 600 years old to craft new works. The older the wood, the more rings it has to reveal as the logs are sliced open.

Modern log furniture Bloom tables
Modern log furniture tabletops

The idea? Chaotic nature moves into contemporary contexts (and can be easily cleaned and eaten off of) but still use 100% all-natural materials.

Usually using the base of trees essentially as is, they decide how best to feature its inherent shape with a minimalist resin addition – rather than first imagining the result, then working to produce it.

Modern log furniture in progress

The pair also prefers action to talk. And in that spirit, well, the beautiful items above can largely speak for themselves.

About mth woodworks

“Each piece from the bloom collection is designed and handcrafted locally in Vancouver British Columbia. Created from 100% locally salvaged cedar, this collection focuses its attention on showcasing the beautiful natural shapes and forms of our lush BC rain forests. Taken from the ground after an area has been logged, each bloom table/panel is a byproduct of industry and aims to fuse these natural elements with our award winning designs.”

Modern log furniture texture

“Our eco-friendly, non toxic resin is derived from peanuts and soy, offering extreme durability and tactile qualities. The cedars unique flare and growth rings help guide each design. Every piece is an original, numbered one of a kind. “