If you had the pleasure of playing with doll houses as a youngster, you may remember the unimpressive plastic architecture and totally unremarkable design. NYC toy makers Brinca Dada are bringing a bit of modern flair to the business of pretend play.

Their modern dollhouses are inspired by famous designers and some of those designers’ better-known real-world creations. They are scale models of beautiful architecture, featuring the kind of breathtaking details that would be coveted in a full-size house.

The toy makers say that their goal is to provide toys which are fun, beautiful, and exciting – but not flashy or noisy. The classic practice of playing pretend is embodied perfectly in these tiny homes.

Although they are described as “doll houses,” there is no reason they have to be just for kids. Imagine the impact they would have sitting in a design enthusiast’s study or the classroom of an architecture professor.

Ranging in price from $149 to $359, these tiny modern houses provide the ideal platform for both studying architectural details and daydreaming about actually living in a masterpiece of modern design.

The furniture sets also offered by Brinca Dada for use in the houses are equally stylish and impressive. They include contemporary sofas, chairs, beds, tubs, tables and everything else you might find in the full-size home of a design lover.

Although they are no longer offered for sale on the company’s website, the Modern Family wooden dolls were created to fit perfectly in each of the miniature houses. Their simple but compelling design fits in just right with the elegant homes and furnishings.