cork stopper table

A whimsical take on the classic glass table, the Cork Stopper Table from designer Hyeonil Jeong combines traditional and modern elements to make a delightful piece of furniture.

Table disassembles by removing the cork

The table consists of a round glass top, four wooden legs, and a large cork – just like one you might find on a bottle – to hold it all together. The tops of the legs fold over in a sort of clip shape, grasping the smaller cutout circle in the table’s center.

components of the cork stopper table

According to the designer, this fun table can be assembled in less than a minute. No hardware or special skills are required to turn these simple pieces into a truly unique and lovely piece of home furniture.  To take it apart, you simply remove the cork and slide out the legs one by one. That makes it almost flat-pack, so it can easily be transported and stored. Pretty clever, huh?

“The Cork Stopper Table a DIY coffee table Which is both beautiful and functional; demonstrating that you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for ease of use or assembly. Courtesy of the cork stopper and its deceptively simple use in construction, the building of this table requires only less than a minute and no need for glue, screws or other hardware. With its unique and simple design, the Cork Stopper Table is free from the usual DIY furniture kit obstacles such as complex instructions, lengthy assembly time and an unpolished appearance.”

“The combination of hand-crafted cork, high polished tempered glass and birch plywood achieves an elegant look ; allowing the table to be poetic pieces of functional art that is easily constructed. The Cork Stopper Table might be one of the most beautiful coffee table that can be put together in just one minute.”

“Hyeonil Jeong is a New York based furniture and product designer.To simultaneously achieve functional efficiency and visual amusement, his design approach is focused on experimenting with the structure and mechanisms found in everyday items.