green living wall outside

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We have all seen ivy winding its way up the outside surface of an aged brick building or wrapping its way up an attached wall trellis, but what if you implemented this on a whole-home scale and planned this process from the very start and designed it to encompass your entire living environment?

green house living wall design

That is precisely the design concept underlying this incredible eco-home appropriately nicknamed the ‘Garden House’ by architects Tham & Videgard Hanson. The relatively simple crisscrossing wooden trellises span from ground to aboveroof on the exterior of the house, and are thus visible from floor to ceiling from within wherever there are windows to the outdoors and serve as a fence for the rooftop terrace.

green house architecture model

Serving as a natural light and solar filter, the greenery that will surround the house over time will also create incredible lighting effects on the interior. It will of course also help camouflage the home and provide privacy for the residents – a great living green wall with sustainable and aesthetic benefits (literally) all around.