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Push the button, skip the bell and unleash the latest modern pop hit, or your favorite classic tune, or anything other audio track you wish to change it to instead. Not feeling quite so musical? You could also go with something completely abstract, a clip from a film, geeky electric static or other creative alternative sound sequence.

Designed wireless (except for the sometimes-connected computer cable) by inventor Mike Skene the series of metal chimes slot into an elegant contemporary wood tower which communicates with the deceptively simple wood-button box outside the door. A subtle jack lets you to link your portable MP3 player or other digital device to upload the latest song of choice into the mix – all set to play at the push of a button the next time someone rings the bell.

Not deep enough for you, or want it to go an octave higher? Simply change around your stylish contemporary chime set to jump up and down the scale and otherwise shift the possibilities. Programmable to be loud or subtle, long-winded or short-tuned, the uses are endless – and just think of the effect when you shuffle your entire iTunes collection at random. Too bad this one is not for sale yet, and when it is you can bet it will not be cheap.