Nidin dog bed

Known for their highly creative wooden micro-architecture, French design studio Fabbricabois applied the same sense of ingenuity to an origami-inspired coffee table that doubles as a pet shelter. ‘Nidin’ consists of seven geometric pieces of wood that fit together using rubber bands, eliminating the need for glue or other fasteners.

Origami style coffee table

The table is delivered in a flat-pack kit, as the designers believe that the assembly process is part of the fun. It only takes a few minutes to fit the pieces together and secure them with the bands, creating a flat diamond-shaped table surface with a niche underneath.

  Coffee table doubles as a dog bed

Dog peeking out of wooden coffee table

That triangular niche of this adorable modern pet bed is lined with a soft, washable cushion, and just large enough for a cat or a small dog. Two angled spaces on the side also offer storage for items like magazines and remote controls.

“Sharing space with a pet can be difficult if you don’t have much space, but it’s another story if one can somehow integrate pet comforts with that of yours. That appears to be the idea behind Nidin, a multipurpose coffee table that also doubles as a bed for your cat or dog. The table is a re-interpretation of Japanese origami, consisting of seven geometric pieces that come flat packed, and are assembled with elastics, rather than fiddly fasteners or glue.”
“Once assembled, the by 38″ by 24″ by 18″ table has a generous, diamond-shaped surface for all manner of coffee table-related functions, and convenient book storage on both sides. But best of all, the table’s unique form has a central niche — which is lined with a custom-made ergonomic cushion from an Italian company — for a small-sized pet to snuggle in. Characterized as a « pragmatic geometric composition, » this clever space-saving coffee table can fold flat if not needed, can assemble in minutes, and provides humans with a free surface and a furry friend with an instant shelter.”