rotating curved wooden desk
Simple modern office furniture can become static, stale and uncomfortable over time, while fully transforming furniture objects can be a bit too binary at times – convertible objects which are either one thing or another: desks that become chairs, sofas turn into beds and similarly simple setups.
rotating round wood table
desk designs
This extremely sleek modern wood desk has as many configurations as you can imagine out of three independently-rotating wood elements that spin around a central axis. As if the initial premise were not intriguing enough, there is a deeper idea behind this clever design: one of fixed change over time.
rotating wood table design

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In theory, the desk is designed to rotate into and out of various working positions throughout the day – a kind of alarm clock for doing certain tasks, taking breaks, and so on all around a half-day schedule. Appropriately named Alice, this desk is a truly wonderful design idea around change and time, whether it remains a fantasy or becomes a reality.