grill for small spaces

Not every home can have a backyard or deck for grilling, so for those that lack good outdoor space this compact cooker could be the perfect way to entertain guests.

portable BBQ kitchen island

From Gunni & Trentino, a European manufacturer that knows small spaces, this unit acts like a regular kitchen island on wheels when not in active use, but slides open to reveal an entire mobile BBQ setup at your fingertips. In fact, there’s so much to use here, it’s surprising it all fits into such a compact package.

The top is a high quality butcher block for use as a chopping surface. On one side sits a drawer for knives and spices, while the other features a platform for grilling up steaks, sausages, vegetables and more. Shelf storage below also serves to stabilize the elegant wood-and-steel structure.

When it’s open, it serves as a mobile outdoor kitchen on demand, giving you easy access to just about everything you need to make a splendid outdoor meal. When it’s closed, it’s so minimalist, it’s hard to imagine that it could contain much of anything. It’s easy to imagine keeping it in your kitchen as an everyday island, and rolling it out onto the deck, balcony or patio when you want to cook out.

Gunni & Trentino is known for incredibly chic home furnishings and appliances. Check out the rest of what this Spanish manufacturer has to offer on their website.

“Our methodology allows us to combine different models and finishes, achieving a personalized and unique kitchen, custom-designed to fit perfectly with your taste and needs and adapted, if desired, to the latest technological innovations. The expert team of GUNNI&TRENTINO will advise you at all times and can create a complete project that includes not only kitchen furniture and appliances but also paving, tiles, lighting and home furnishings to create an integrated environment suited to your lifestyle. “