Business growth is great, but entrepreneurs getting started and start-ups just launching can experience space crunches due to low budgets and/or rapid expansion. This simple kid-puzzle-style solution lets you pack up and go in moments. No folding, bending, twisting or complex transforming required while you wheel your way to larger spaces with a lightweight, portable, all-in-one foam office furniture unit.

This slotted collection contains two chairs, a simple computer-sized desk, a work light and (of course) the essential basic plugins for quick internet and electrical connectivity. Tim Vinke created this with everyday needs in mind and no more; plastic wheels and foam-formed solids make this unit feel a little less precious, for those otherwise worried about bumping and bruising their new office-on-wheels.

There is no pretension to high furniture fashion in these modular pieces (or the whole they fit into) – this is pure functionality at its best. Foam is used because it is extremely light, particularly compared to the metal and wood that make up most office furniture objects. Cheap, easy to build and even easier to move, this seems like the perfect launchpad for a new business endeavor. Now for the next step: some memory foam like they use in mattresses for a little extra on the ergonomics front.