One of the most searched interior design terms since the COVID-19 pandemic hit has been “home gym.” With everyone stuck inside but still in need of exercise options, Japanese sportswear company Mizuno is making it easier than ever to create that at-home space for sweating, all by disguising workout equipment as furniture.

The new Healthy Interior line inserts weights and stretch bands inside common household items. For example, the “Le Coeur” looks like a sleek coffee or side table with its upholstered base and warm wood top, but its rotating lid and mod knobs are designed to aid with shoulder stretches and isometrics.

And then there’s the “Le Prie,” a padded stool (covered in a one of three chic fabrics) that also provides a core muscle workout as users tighten their abs and lower back to sit up straight. A separate version called “Le Prie Squat” provides both comfortable seating and help in achieving the perfect squat motion. The main stool bar pumps up and down with the weight of the user, working the legs and glutes.

The new collection also includes a petite gray ottoman called “Le Monyon.” Loaded with weights like an exercise ball, the entire ottoman can be lifted between the feet for calf and thigh toning, or the toes can be inserted under the resistance band strap to stretch out the foot muscles.

The “Ringretch” is cleverly costumed to look like a comfy throw pillow, but inside hides an exercise ring that can provide more strength-resistance training.

For a little arm and back toning, the pint-sized “Ballretch” weights are covered in soft alternating fabric, looking a bit like the hackey sacks of yesteryear. Each ball weighs roughly one pound and can be used for getting in some reps for the shoulders or biceps.

Mizuno’s Abs “Pulule” can double as a floor cushion and a scaffold for abdominal crunches. Covered in either yellow or gray, it features a seat and small back support that the company claims will effortlessly position the pelvis and sacrum for a traditional half sit-up.

There’s also a “Stretch Blanket” made from a special moisture-absorbing and heat-producing material. Users can slip their feet through the blanket’s straps to get a good calf stretch. The velvety wrap allows you to get a few exercises in while sitting at a desk during the work day or catching up on the latest Netflix shows in the evening.

All the new Mizuno Healthy Interior products can be purchased from the company’s online shop, ranging from about $28 for the Ballretch weights to roughly $182 for the La Coeur side table.

Mizuno Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, has been in business for over 110 years, becoming famous for their sports gear, including baseballs, gloves, golf clubs, and athletic footwear. They expanded to the U.S. market in 1961, opening up a factory in Los Angeles and soliciting sponsorship deals with several high-profile American athletes such as track and field star Carl Lewis and pro football quarterback Joe Montana. Today, the company produces athletic gear for all sports and outdoor recreation.