In the 21st century, human beings are the most nomadic they’ve been in thousands of years. How many times have you heard of someone moving from to city to city to pursue a career opportunity or satisfy a thirst for adventure? Of course, you might also say that people are more fickle than they’ve ever been, developing temporary fascinations that fade as soon as the next cool thing comes along. Not surprisingly, homes and hotels are becoming increasingly mobile to meet the demands of this new lifestyle. A portable, modular prefab house like the mirrored ÖÖD is all the rage right now, and it seems like they’re getting cooler and more luxurious with each passing month.

ÖÖD prefab house mirrored

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The ÖÖD is a compact prefab house that can be used as a private residence or hotel room. This rectangular unit was designed and created in Estonia and has been finished in a coat of mirrored glass to protect the privacy of its inhabitants while giving them an uninterrupted view of their surroundings. This outer layer also insulates the structure and helps it maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

ÖÖD prefab house - Interior

Inside, you’ll find some modern heated flooring, wooden ceilings, a spacious bathroom, a built-in kitchenette, and a custom bed that hides a pull-out mattress for additional guests to sleep on. Each ÖÖD also features a large touch-screen television, Wi-Fi, and a Bose sound system. In total, its interior spaces occupy a mere 200 square feet, making it the ideal short-term getaway or Airbnb unit. Alternatively, you could install the ÖÖD in your own yard and use it a guest house, studio, or home office!

ÖÖD prefab house - Interior bedroom at night

The ÖÖD’s chief selling point is its remarkable eight-hour set-up, which requires no prior building experience on your part. Each unit is shipped to the destination of your choice and can be purchased individually or in bundles to create an instant hotel. The company website reads, “Our standardized solutions, quick and flexible construction process and high quality design product allow anybody to start his own hotel business just in days. For investors and ÖÖD hotel room owners the ÖÖD solution will provide needed market data and sales support via own booking system to maximize their revenues. Whereas for travelers, the ÖÖD hotel concept will provide the high quality housing and guaranteed level of services at any location where the ÖÖD hotel rooms are available.”

ÖÖD - Interior windows

In Estonia, where they’re manufactured, the ÖÖD doesn’t even require a building permit. It’s not clear whether this convenience would hold true in Europe, the UK, or North America, or whether the units would need to be hooked up to utilities like electricity, water, and a sewer system — if so, you would definitely have a harder tome just plunking them down wherever you wanted. Many people have also expressed concern over the home’s mirrored exteriors, which could potentially harm passing birds. There are a few coatings out there that help birds avoid flying into glass, but ÖÖD doesn’t specify if it incorporates any of them.


An individual ÖÖD will run you about $36,000 USD, though it could easily pay for itself if you decide to open your own Airbnb!