national park invisible cabin

Magicians are known to employ the use of smoke and mirrors to hide the real nature of their actions. This cabin in the Loch Lomand and The Trossachs National Park in Scotland is missing the smoke, but does use mirrors to create a truly magical effect.

mirrored nature lookout loch lomand and the trossachs national park

Built by architecture students Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler, the little structure enhances the enjoyment of its surroundings for visitors while minimizing the impact a man-made structure has on an untamed natural setting.

loch lomand and the trossachs national park invisible cabin

The “invisible” cabin is a small lookout point in the sublimely beautiful park. It blends into its surroundings by reflecting its settings on its mirrored exterior. The little box lets nature lovers enjoy the park without causing much visual intrusion. Inside, there are two benches: one for two visitors and another that accommodates one. A small lookout hole in the back lets visitors peer out from the little structure and be virtually undetectable.


Built with a budget of less than $7,000, the “invisible” cabin is constructed of birch plywood, hardwood, and stainless steel. The funding for the project came from the Scottish Scenic Routes Initiative and the park in which the lookout point resides.

interior small invisible scottish nature lookout

Although easy on the eyes and on the surroundings, nature lovers themselves don’t become invisible within the cabin’s walls. The structure is composed of two volumes set at a 90 degree angle to one another, all clad in reflective steel to make it just a bit less like a man-made structure plopped down in the middle of the lush natural setting.