square wind bells minimalist wind chimes

Wind chimes can be a lovely addition to any home, and although they come in hundreds of shapes and sizes they are more or less all the same. Pieces of wood or metal hang from a central core, tap against one another, and create lovely sounds. Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Designs has redesigned the wind chime as a beautifully minimal work of art.

iron and glass balancing wind chimes

The Square Wind Bell is made of two simple components: metal and glass. For each chime, two tri-chrome-plated pieces of iron fit together via small slits in their corners. The iron pieces balance on the rims of regular drinking glasses.

The top half of the iron pieces are squares which catch the wind while the bottom half acts as both the counterweight and bell clanger.

minimalist wind chimes

As the wind gently nudges the small pieces of metal, they clink against the glasses. The sounds are soft but musical; they are far less noisy than traditional wind chimes but when they all reverberate together they create a uniquely musical soundscape.