minimalist modern home design
Minimalism can be carried to extremes most easily in art and object design, from single-tone works of painting and music to simple furniture and elemental decor. In architecture, diverse functions make minimal construction much more difficult.
minimalist modern interior design
From the exterior surfaces, roof lines and entryway to interior bathroom, bedroom and kitchen spaces, Japanese architect and designer Jin Otagiri has indeed made an art of extreme minimalist design in this remarkably bare and simple home with white walls, ceilings and stairs and clean intersections around every corner.
minimalist interior home design

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None of this is to say, of course, that the house is devoid of design inside or out simply because it is stripped of color and complex detailing. If anything, each angle and spatial plane is accentuated by the absence of excessive tone or ornament. Walls, floors and ceilings that are normally seen as blank slates for further design become the primary focus of each interior space – themselves the drivers of style and design rather than foils for additional art and decor.