In definitively Italian style, this staircase manages to be both minimalist and outrageous at the same time – a sharp linear black work contrasting with a classical white space.

Designed by Francesco Librizzi Studio (images by Giovanna Silva), the metal frame is thin and modern almost to a fault – climbing or descending requires careful steps.

Still, for the space, such a bare-bones approach works aesthetically as the stairs become a sculptural object, and practically given the limited room to work with.

About the designer: “Born in 1977, Francesco Librizzi graduated in Architecture in Palermo. In 2005 he founded Francesco Librizzi Studio, an architectural practice based in Milano involved in architecture, interiors, exhibition design and product design. During this years the studio has developed architectural devices from small to large scale. Some of this works have been awarded prestigious prizes, have been published on international magazines and have been exhibited by important institutions.”