Situated in a location of unique beauty, this home in Ayora, Valencia, Spain is a happy marriage between natural and human-made landscapes. The home is on a mountain with a castle at the top, situated in the midst of a neighborhood which, aside from the majestic ancient castle, looks like many others in Spain.

The home is known by its creators at Fran Silvestre Arquitectos as House on the Castle Mountainside. It is a beautiful example of a simple, modern silhouette contrasted with the rough edges of the mountain behind it.

Rather than modifying the land to fit the home, the architects respected the lovely plot and simply built the home to match the unusual terrain. This is most evident when viewing the home from the side; the elevation in the front is markedly different than that in the back of the house, closest to the mountainside.

Inside the house, a central void unifies the first and second stories. Some rooms are open to the street in the front of the house, allowing a connection to the neighborhood. Others face the rear of the lot, allowing for a visual connection with nature.

Plenty of natural light and extensive views of the breathtaking environs contribute to an overall feeling of peace surrounding the home on the mountain. Thanks to the care taken by the architects to preserve this magnificent location, there is plenty for the residents to gaze at from their truly remarkable home.