modern minimal automatic pet feeder

Your pets – all pets, really – love to eat. Next to cuddles, it’s probably their very favorite thing in the world. It’s easy to give in to those big doe eyes and dish out an extra portion of kibble when Whiskers or Barkley look particularly hungry, so the Petly automatic petĀ feeder does the hard work for you.

The Petly is as attractive as it is functional, fitting in with almost any decor without looking like just another ugly plastic pet accessory. It holds one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of food at a time and dispenses meals throughout the day at times of your choosing.

minimalist automatic pet feeder

The flush, battery-powered programmable LED display lets you set the intervals and amounts for feedings. The lack of a cord makes the device unobtrusive and lets you put it anywhere in your home. The location and functionality of the controls make it impossible for your pet to accidentally step on the timer and change your settings – or purposely figure out how to get treats more often.

petly automatic pet feeder

The Petly can serve up small servings of food up to ten times per day, which is healthier for your pets than scarfing all of their food at one or two daily meals. Because of its small size, the Petly is only suitable for small to medium-size pets. Its size, along with its sleek minimalist appearance, helps it seamlessly blend into your decor.