walled estates shelves
There are so many challenges to face when you’re trying to keep your home clean, sleek, and free of clutter. Throwing our daily items – wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses – on a table when we get home is a bad habit that just adds to a home’s visual clutter. Furniture designer Judson Beaumont (Straight Line Design) has created a cheeky new way to store those little items without sullying your home’s interior landscape.
mid century architecture inspired shelves
His series of shelves was inspired by the iconic butterfly roofs seen on desert homes in Palm Springs. The whimsical shelves have an equally whimsical name: “Walled Estates.” These miniature 1960s-style dioramas hang neatly on your wall to give your personal objects their very own home – literally.
tiny dollhouse wall shelves
Featuring sweet little details like faux wood wall paneling and stone fireplaces, the wall shelves play with your sense of scale. When you place your human-sized accessories inside, they quickly become part of the little houses’ interiors. A phone in the little living room becomes a big-screen TV for imaginary occupants. Sunglasses on the roof become a bizarre, futuristic architectural detail.
judson beaumont house shelves
Beaumont builds each little home with materials left over from his life-size furniture projects. Scraps of wood, cork and plastic laminate become stylish doll houses meant just for grown-ups. In addition to the mid-century interiors, each Walled Estate shelf comes outfitted with tiny furniture pieces.
dollhouse wall shelves

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The designer’s plan is to create more architecture-inspired shelves. Architectural icons like warehouses and grain elevators will be reproduced in painstakingly tiny detail just to give your miscellaneous belongings a place to hang out until you need them once again.