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So, you’re driving along a country road, minding your own business, and suddenly you spot a river. “Hmmm, I bet there are some beautiful trout in there,” you think to yourself. “I wish I’d brought my fishing rod!”

Bummer. How frustrating. No fishing for you today.

But wait! If you’d treated yourself to Tenkara‘s Mini Sawtooth or Mini Teton rod, you’d have been able to stash it in your glovebox or backpack, just in case of an opportunity such as this. Call it fishing on the fly, if you will.

tenkara rod

The tiny, lightweight mini Tenkara fly fishing rods can go everywhere with you. At just over 1 ounce, you’ll not even realized you’re carrying one, and there’s no danger of poking someone’s eye out, as the clever rods collapse to just 10 inches.

Tenkara has this lightweight, compact fishing rod thing down pat. Even their regular rods are small of stature. But a 10-inch rod? How the heck does that work?

tenkara rod

tenkara rod

Well, the Mini Sawtooth has 15 sections and extends to an impressive 9 feet when you’re ready to fish. The Mini Teton comes with 20 sections, and that allows it to reach 12 feet when fully assembled.

The rods are precisely crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, and they come in a package with everything you need to fish: the rod, line, flies, line clips, rod sock and rod tube for carrying it safely. They even sport a lifetime warranty.

tenkara rod

Both rods are small but mighty, and their size does not take anything away from their performance when you hit the banks and cast for those trout. They are recommended for catching fish up to two pounds.

The Tenkara rodmeisters explain that the mini rods come with an extra serving of finesse. “What makes these rods incredible is their ability to be precise and offer delicate presentations with an insane amount of feel,” they say. “You can literally feel your nymph bouncing along the river bed, and even when a little 6-inch trout hits your fly, you are able to detect the strike.” (We assume you fisher-people know what a nymph is here….)

tenkara rod

They add that the flexibility and thin construction of the rod “offers a really unique casting experience.”

And just in case you’re not sure what to fish for with them, they say, “While we don’t recommend these rods for chasing pigs, they do great with your typical mountain stream conditions and are a great take-anywhere rod.”

tenkara rod

Of course they should know. They are based out of Driggs, Idaho, and happily boast that “Within one hour of our headquarters we have some of the world’s best trout rivers and streams (but don’t tell anybody that).” They add that the state’s geography inspired them to devote themselves to the sport of fishing.

The Tenkara team do their best to pass along their passion for fishing and the outdoors to the rest of us. While we may not all be lucky enough to live in fish-rich Idaho, the mini rods make it easy to take advantage when a fishing opp presents itself, wherever we may be.