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Sculptural, geometric woodworking covers the interior walls of ‘micro-architecture’ structures by design firm Fabbricabois, taking inspiration from ships to create detached extensions for living and working. The Parisian atelier specializes in small-scale buildings with unusual silhouettes, working in close collaboration with their clients to produce custom layouts that fit their budgets.

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Mezzacabane, an ‘architectural mezzanine,’ is a wooden loft built into a small home. Made of simple materials like lumber and plywood, the loft takes on a kinetic feel from the seemingly haphazard pattern of the joists and railings.

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Two cabins called the Cabanido and Scheggia have a nautical feel, standing out against the soft rolling hillsides in which they’re set. Round porthole windows and low ceilings add to the effect. The designers envision these spaces as ‘advanced alternatives’ to tents or more rustic cabins.

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Fabbricabois also makes innovative animal furniture, like this origami coffee table that doubles as a modern dog bed.