Cone-shaped lamp shades have a universally recognizable look to them – their profiles can be identified from simple sketches or outlined silhouettes. ?This elegant little table from Munkii light starts with such an iconic (and conic) form, but emerges as something entirely different after a few small design steps.

The idea here is to create something that blends in with the natural mess of a desk – an attractive accent that can sit comfortably at home in the midst of a cluttered table or workspace.

First, the shade portion is constructed of laser-cut then black-or-white-painted steel mesh, diffusing light but leaving the bulb inside as a still-visible element.?Next, an industrial-grade aluminum metal ring is wrapped around around the conic core – it spirals and shifts to one side to form the base, reaching around from the top rather than protruding from the bottoms.

Finally, a simple black cord stretches in the desired direction away from the bulb-and-shade center, adding a third asymmetrical element to the mix. One (perhaps major) criticism: why not take it a step further and make the whole structure able to spin and pivot to provide adjustable 360-degree lighting?