If your dream luxury vehicle has the kind of details you’d expect from haute couture fashion, you’re going to want to check out the Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture, recently unveiled at the automotive brand’s design center in Nice, France. Inspired by the high art of fine dressmaking, the car is elegant yet relatively understated on the outside, and surprisingly fashionable inside. Geared toward the same consumers who routinely order bespoke designer fashion like the rest of us order drinks at Starbucks, the Maybach Voiture is based on the Maybach S-Class sedan, and it’s fair to say it’s pretty remarkable.

The exterior of the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture comes in a gleaming two-tone paint job, with rosy gold on the body panels and a deep, dark blue sweeping from the hood over the roof to the rear windshield. The stylish interior features upholstery in white leather and patterned boucle fabric, accented by white faux fur shag floor mats, trim details in rose gold, and even a bottle chiller built into a rear console drinks station with matching rose gold champagne flutes.

The car looks expensive, and it undoubtedly is, though pricing isn’t available just yet. Can’t you already imagine at least one of the Kardashian-Jenners being driven around in one of these? Expected to be released in limited quantities in 2023, the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture is part of a larger effort by Mercedes-Benz to expand into a broader luxury brand instead of just an automaker. The car was unveiled alongside a Limited Edition Maybach by Virgil Abloh, the last of three collaborations Mercedes completed with the designer and artist before his death earlier this year.

“The color and equipment concept of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture has never existed before. We’re fusing the art of high fashion and automotive design at the highest level to create something completely new – a true Icon of Excellence,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes‑Benz Group AG. “The Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture embodies our style of ‘Sensual Purity’ in a new, extraordinary way. It combines beauty and unexpected, extraordinary details that appeal to all the senses.”

The design philosophy of “sensual purity” defines the essential elements Mercedes-Benz wants to infuse into its entire lineup of vehicles, aiming to meet consumers’ desire for beauty, exceptional luxury, and fresh, updated features. The six guidelines of the philosophy include unexpected moments, stimulating contrast, stunning proportions, freeform and geometry, significant graphics, and natural attraction. Nothing is superfluous; every detail serves an increasing desire for emotive, authentic experiences.

“The Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture provides a concrete preview of an all-new, highly exclusive, and limited edition. Mercedes-Maybach has always been considered a pioneer in defining luxury, style, and status. Maybach customers are looking for something special and our ambition is to exceed their expectations. With the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture special edition, we are realizing our claim to leadership in the high-end segment and combining the world of fashion with the automobile. The result represents the absolute pinnacle of Sophisticated Luxury,” says Daniel Lescow, Head of Mercedes‑Maybach.