The Endangered: scented jewelry boxes

Rhinos and tigers and elephants and deer, oh my! These creatures of the wild were the inspiration for a whimsical line of scented jewelry boxes. Yes, scented, each with its own unique fragrance. They were dreamed up by designer Wai Lim Chan of Singapore-based Trigger Design, in collaboration with AllSense scent lab.

Endangered Jewelry Box Deer

There are four lovely little beasts in all. The tiger, for instance, is crafted of wood and chrome gold, expressing its wild nature. It’s scented with Zanzibar mist. The gentle elephant features white ceramics, rose gold and a tea fig fragrance. The rhino boasts very fitting looking  cracked cement and the dear has a very chic gold quilted surface.

The Endangered: scented jewelry boxes

This menagerie is called “The Endangered” and was inspired by the fact that nothing lasts forever. Life is ephemeral – especially precious moments with loved ones, designer Wai Lim Chan says. She was impressed by the words of timeless wisdom by Mahatma Gandhi: “There is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.”That greed is causing the threat to the survival of animals such as elephants, tigers, rhino and even deer, the critters that lend their shapes to the craftsmanship by Trigger Design.

Menagerie of scented jewelry box critters

Wai Lim Chan is a graduate of Design Engine, which offers hands-on learning classes from Creo Surfacing and 3D printing to scalable modeling. Their aim is to provide designers, engineers, mechanics, draftsmen (and –women) with all the know-how and tools to be able to create, design better products and become competent experts, making a career out of their skills. Next for Chan? Scented furniture! Stay tuned.