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Some would call it slave labor, others a labor of love, but the result has a strength and durability to match the remarkable amount of time spent putting it together, link by link. If it sounds shockingly archaic, just remember: part of craft is the act of making – the finished product, for many, is an after-effect of that Zen-like construction process.

Much research went into the material history ahead of time, from ancient and medieval techniques to modern machine-made chainmails. An ancient Japanese 12-in-2 (each double-ring radiates twelve links) method was ultimately employed, tough but flexible and fit for a different form of (nearly-indestructible) contemporary carpet.

The shape itself is a play on the construction itself – a two-dimensional flooring lifted into three dimensions through components with structural density and height-maintaining stability. Three colors come from electroplated coatings, while galvanized steel wire is used throughout. Designed by Philippe Malouin and company.