What was formerly a mechanic’s garage among traditional London row houses has been transformed into a stunning modern four-level residence for a designer and her musician husband. Andy Martin Architects (AMA)  turned the subterranean garage into a sunken courtyard resembling a slate quarry, with charcoal bricks lining the walls and continuing into the interior.

The converted Mews 02 residence uses this new courtyard to pull light into the rest of the home by means of large glass walls. Wooden screens filter light and provide privacy when needed.

“The seamless flooring is flowing horizontally through each level and the contrasting charcoal construction blocks are rising vertically,” says AMA. “This spine wall creates the circulation hub and AMA set out to isolate each floor using this device.”

Continuity from the indoor space to the outdoor space is also aided with the use of a single white flooring material, and swinging doorways that open large segments of the home to the fresh air.

“Mews 02 is an ambitious redevelopment of an existing mechanics garage.  The single residence was converted into a 4 level family home, with an emphasis on the entertaining areas and private compartments for sleeping.

“An important aspect of this building is how the light is captured creatively, immediately one senses the playful use of light and dark, black on white.  Using glazed and wooden screens, and natural vegetation screens gives the space a unique atmosphere throughout the day and transforms the space at night. The surface materials provide an experience of movement through the building mapping out the route with its slippery black glazed monolith rising through the 4 levels.”