We’re all relying more and more on technology when we drive. Remember when we used to wrestle with foldable paper maps on road trips? Now GPS has taken over, with its disembodied voice announcing the most efficient route and the best places to turn off to bypass traffic snarl-ups. Sensor technology is also taking off, quickly warning you when you get too close to another vehicle or a wall. There are even backup cameras to help you maneuver into particularly tight city parking spots.

Maven Machines is a front-runner in the field of driving safety, with a focus on commercial drivers rather than private ones. This makes a lot of sense, considering the fact that professional drivers are on the road for several hours every day, clocking up innumerable hours of driving time while dealing with all kinds of weather and road conditions. They also tend to drive bigger, more powerful vehicles: a Mack truck can no doubt do more damage in an accident than a Mini.

The Maven Co-Pilot is the world’s first smart headset. The hands-free device gives drivers real-time warnings when it detects the slightest signs of fatigue or distraction, giving them ample time to pull off the road and rest. The Co-Pilot connects to the Maven app and gives the driver instant access to key metrics such as their speeding and braking habits, helping them avoid penalties and improving their performance.

Reinforcing safe driving habits is an important part of Maven’s mission, and since the Co-Pilot gives feedback in real time, it lets drivers take charge of their own skills and helps them become more proficient, efficient, and safe when they drive. “Maven creates better drivers through mobile devices and full transparency,” the company says, “and is committed to promoting a culture of safety by helping drivers instantly understand behaviors.”

The headset is revolutionizing the way truck drivers communicate. It’s packed with sensors and connects to the cloud, so drivers can get updates on their routes and the weather down the road, as well as other company messages, without ever taking their hands off the wheel.

“The smart headset provides value to a driver all day,” Maven representatives explain. “A good example is the pre-trip inspection. Our Hearable device provides voice-guided instruction so a driver can use two hands or hold a flashlight. They can use gesture controls to nod their head and confirm a station passes inspection.”

The Maven Co-Pilot SE is another cool option for truck and bus drivers. The smart headset is discreet, boasting a high-tech earbud and sensors that monitor the position of the driver’s head in real time.

Besides actively monitoring driver fatigue and distraction, the Co-Pilot SE also makes sure the driver follows the industry’s safety guidelines and checks their mirrors every five to eight seconds. The SE is lightweight, too, which means it’s perfect for delivery drivers who’ll be jumping out of their cars at various stops.

Both versions of the headset pair with the Maven app, which was designed using input from professional drivers.