prefab vacation home

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While itself worth noting, shift your focus from this design to the means of its production: its parts were prefabricated, then transported and assembled in just two days.

prefab mass customization

But that is not the whole story, either – the real power behind this idea from The Cloud Collective is that the 3D software behind the structure can be easily adjusted and adapted to different specific needs. It is not just mass production, but mass personalization.

prefab micro home design

CNC-milled panels and simple parts can be reorganized around different plans and catered to particular sites and individual needs. This specific variant was created initially as a temporary retreat on the outskirts of a rural theater festival, but contextual applications and deployment possibilities are virtually endless.

prefab home plan porch

The accordion shape is dynamic and gives the bed a sense of being private despite the small space, but is also another demonstration of the various shapes possible using this production approach.