What is Margeza?

Margeza is a Belgian Design Studio that was founded by Margit and Geza Harmori, a happily married and well-established creative couple. Largely inspired by the contemporary arts, the duo has fused their passions and talents to bring a range of captivating apartments to the European continent for both domestic and temporary use. A recent project for a fun apartment in Budapest shows just how good they are at their jobs.

In the true spirit of DIY, Margeza has personally designed, built, and furnished each one of their projects, setting every one of their units apart from standard rentals. The couple literally makes the apartments they work on their own, inhabiting each one for an extended period of time and pouring their souls into its nooks and crannies to create the ultimate homey atmosphere. Once they’re ready for a new adventure, they sell the place and move on to the next one, leaving a trail of stunning properties in their wake. The company website reads, “Many ask us: isn’t it hard to give up our home, with all the carefully chosen, often specifically designed and made, objects away? The only reason why it is not so, is because we know: someone else will find happiness in them.”

Szabo Ilonka Utca

Margeza have recently unveiled their latest project: Szabo Ilonka Utca in downtown Budapest. Located in the heart of the city’s metropolitan area, this apartment boasts incredible views of the Danube River and the Hungarian Parliament Building, which are probably best enjoyed from the unit’s spacious brick balcony. Inside, the home’s white, modern interiors provide tenants with a wonderful blank canvas for them to customize should they feel like redecorating later on. Of course, the apartment has already been adorned with a striking selection of colorful vases and accessories that no minimalist could refuse.

Equipped with an open-plan living area, an exposed staircase, and nonrepresentational wall features, Szabo Ilonka Utca is the ideal apartment for anyone who wants to move into an energy-filled environment without having to go through the hassle of decorating. The furniture’s extensive use of primary colors makes for a visually pleasing aesthetic and keeps the surrounding white walls from seeming too overbearing. On the living room floor, you’ll find an initially abstract-looking blue and white carpet with a single red dot near its center. As it turns out, this “abstract shape” is actually Budapest itself. The blue, in turn, is the Danube, and the dot represents the site of the apartment. On the back wall of the same room, tenants and visitors alike will be able to marvel in the unit’s living green wall, which — thanks to Margeza — is already teeming with lush plant life.

Szabo Ilonka Utca’s convenient location provides easy access to all of Budapest’s finest landmarks and tourist attractions. The apartment is in close proximity to Fisherman’s Bastion, the Houses of Parliament, and, you guessed it, the Danube. Imagine hopping on a moonlit dinner cruise just a few blocks away from your home!

The apartment is currently for sale, but no mention of its price is available on the couple’s website. Any prospective renters must contact Margeza directly.