In stores (seriously, no joke here) these shredder scissors come packaged with a pointed-bubble label that declares you can use one of these products in every room in your house. Save for mafia bosses with incriminating documents strewn about the house, it’s hard to see how anyone needs more than one pair of shredder scissors, so take a tour through these options and choose your weapon.

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Shredder scissors blades

Shredder scissors are a great, cheap and low-tech solution to a problem usually solved by an unnecessarily bulky piece of electrically-powered technology. The best thing about these shredder scissors is the fact that they’re a lot less likely to break than a complicated gadget, while also being a lot less expensive. Why not get a bit of a hand work out while watching TV and shredding your sketchy paperwork?


Why pay $100 for an electric shredder? Now it’s easy to shred the entire document or just part of it, you’re in control Works great dicing credit cards and statements This handheld shredder works just like scissors to reduce receipts to ribbons… no electricity needed! Strategically destroy the parts of receipts and bills that display your banking information to protect your privacy These scissors work like a shredder but fit in your desk drawer Use these in your home , dormitory or office. THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR CHILDREN.”

Shredder scissors Westcott

They aren’t kidding. As if running with scissors wasn’t dangerous enough already, these shredder scissors multiply the blades to make the danger a lot more serious, so keep them out of the hands of your little ones.

The pair pictured top, available on Amazon, is an As-Seen-On-TV item. But you can find similar items all over the place these days, including ultra sharp Titanium versions with colorful handles by Miles Kimball and a high quality pair from trusted manufacturer Westcott