When everybody does their back to school shopping at the same big-box stores, there isn’t a lot of room for individuality. And who wants to decorate their entire dorm room only to find that their roommate has an identical setup? If you really want to establish your own unique sense of style, branch out beyond the chain stores of the world and look to sites like Society6 instead. With thousands of artists contributing to a seemingly endless selection of amazing home goods, Society6 has something for everyone, and their five new back to school collections make it easy to find exactly what you need.

That’s right, Society6 has not one, not two, but five curated 2021 Back to School Must-Have Collections to choose from: bedding kits, posters, tapestries, on-the-go essentials, and tech accessories. Whether you’re off to college or eagerly awaiting the first day of high school, you’ll find everything you need to put the finishing touches on your living space, gussy up your locker, and strut through the hallways in style. Available items include sheets, blankets, pillow cases, shower curtains, art prints, phone cases, laptop sleeves, Apple Watch bands, travel mugs, stickers, notebooks, and apparel.

Society6 also identified four major back-to-school decor trends for this upcoming semester. They include warped and checked prints, “blending the groovy patterns of the 60s and 70s with soothing color palettes”; playful and organic themes featuring bright colors and designs inspired by nature; retro 60s flair “for the flower child in us all”; and “neon dreams,” a vaguely surreal Los Angeles-inspired style. Among the coolest stuff we spotted are a “groovy garden in blue” duvet cover, a fun Rodeo Drive poster featuring upside-down cars in a pastel sky, a Keith Haring laptop sleeve, and all kinds of cute terrazzo print backpacks.

If you’re not sure where to start or could use some help figuring out how to blend your own style with your roommate’s, the retailer offers a guide to decorating with roommates that’s full of helpful advice. For instance, you’re going to want to make your desk a warm and inviting place where you can focus, so adding some small art prints with inspirational quotes or inspiring views could be a big help. Add personality to big walls with posters just by tacking them up with putty or pins, but try not to hog all the space. And if you end up with a roomie whose style clashes with yours, embrace it. It’ll just make your stuff stand out even more.

Don’t forget the all-important study nook. The guide explains that “since studying is a pivotal part of the college experience, it’s helpful to create a space that comforts and inspires you. Start with a plush throw — crafted from our super-soft signature Sherpa fleece! Perhaps you want a geometric floral design, colorful checkered squares, or a simple abstract design. Then, add an abundance of rectangular and throw pillows that complement the design/color of your throw blanket. As an added bonus, tie in your study nook together with a rug that fits the energy of the room.”

Did we mention that all Society6 designs are submitted by the artists themselves? Not only do you get access to virtually any style you can think of, but your purchase directly supports independent artists. And if you somehow don’t find exactly what you’re looking for after browsing the site, you can always become a Society6 designer yourself! It’s super easy to upload your own designs and end up with stuff that’s completely and totally you.