Ever enter the bedroom and realize you still have to put on bedsheets, pillowcases and a comforter cover before you can crash for the night? Making sleep simpler, one cushion at a time, this design may be the simplest do-it-yourself bed ever conceived.

Created by textile designer Linda Topic for a competition, this is a semi-serious look at an easy alternative to complex and costly wooden frames. Hard to say how well the super-soft approach would work for less-tolerant backs, but the idea is genuinely ingenious.

The core set of six comforters replace the need of any joints or support connections, while an impromptu headboard is likewise plush – the pillows are a given. For simplicity, the colors (or lack thereof) span a range from white to dark gray like the Belgian skies that inspired them.

If any of this looks familiar, it may be because Dornob covered something quite similar once before – the work of Christian Hoegner which provides a colorful contrast to this bed in the form of a couch composed entirely of cushions.