Have you been feeling absolutely fearful about the possibility of Halloween’s cancellation this year? Tremble not! Regardless of whether you’re safely able to hold or attend any parties, you can still partake in the horrendous holiday by creating your own perfectly terrifying Halloween ambiance at home.

Hot tip: if trick or treating the usual way doesn’t feel quite right this year, consider putting a bell in your yard and shooting pre-bagged candy out to tiny goblins, ghouls, and witches through a painted PVC pipe or slide of some sort. You’ll still get the pleasure of seeing all the costumes while remaining 12 or more feet away.

Vintage Metal Luminaries at Oriental Trading

Love the look of luminaries but afraid of truly terrifying fire hazards? Oriental Trading has a set of three flameless metal luminaries with cut-outs that read “ENTER IF YOU DARE” when placed side-by-side. Just add your own battery-powered flameless candles for a safe but spooky flickering effect that’s perfect for the yard.

AtmosFX Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decor

Connect this AtmosFX “Ghostly Apparitions” DVD to your projector and aim it at your front windows to create a ghostly display of awesomely realistic-looking specters. If you’re a fan of Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” ride, this will give you a similar effect, albeit a bit scarier. If you don’t feel like spending money on the DVD, there are also some free loop-able options on YouTube.

Witchy Decor at World Market

Going for a witchy effect? This affordable trio from World Market would look great on a black lace-covered table on your porch. The items include a set of two “Mystic Halloween Hands,” an iridescent light-up LED crystal ball, and a black and natural spider web coir doormat.

Vintage Paper Decor by Beistle

If vintage-style Halloween is more your speed, check out the Beistle Vintage Halloween store on Amazon, which is stocked with adorable classic designs of black cats, witches, moons, jack o’lanterns, and more. Everything is highly affordable, ranging from $6 to $18, and since they’re all flat-packed paper, they’re super easy to store. Best of all, since a lot of them have Amazon’s Prime shipping, even procrastinators can get them in time for the holiday.

Dragon-Themed Yard Displays from Grandin Road

If you’re a Halloween overachiever looking for some dramatic outdoor decorations and still aren’t over Game of Thrones, Grandin Road has some pretty cool yard displays. The six-foot-tall “Animated Dark Night Dragon” turns its head, flaps its wings, and roars when motion-activated, while its eyes glow a steady yellow. The dragon tail, which comes in three pieces, will achieve an especially cool effect in a shallow pool of water or on fluffy cloud-like snow.

Spine-Tingling Styrofoam Tombstones at Spirit Halloween

Head to your nearest hair-raising abandoned big-box store (aka Spirit Halloween) for all the last-minute decorations you can handle, including loads of lightweight styrofoam tombstones perfect for digging your own personal front yard cemetery. These ones include the grave of Michael Myers, a light-up ghost, a classic R.I.P. cross, and a 3.5-foot-tall gargoyle.

Cool Creepy Lighting from Amazon

No Halloween decor is complete without some spooky atmospheric lighting. Try a shimmering “water wave” style light projector on the red or green setting for an animated effect, or replace some of your indoor and outdoor light bulbs with candle-like LED flame bulbs.