Whiteboard paint has been around for a while; it’s a great way to make any surface into a writable space. However, Smarter Surfaces has expanded the possibilities by creating a kit for magnetic whiteboard surfaces and let us team up with Doityourself.com to try it out.


Our kit came with the main components and extra accessories to help us along. To create the surface you need three main things: magnetic primer, a white or clear finish primer, and whiteboard paint. We used the white finish primer, but you can use the clear if you want to paint over the magnetic primer with your own paint for custom colors. The whiteboard paint can absorb into surfaces and ruin its functionality, so it was important to correctly apply the primer first.


The kit’s accessories included two microfiber eraser cloths, a roller sleeve and handle, a sanding block, and an application guide.


Whether you want a kit or just a can of paint, Smarter Surfaces sells by the amount of space you want to cover, not by the gallon. You can choose from either 21 or 65 square feet, and it’s important to abide by the recommended area. If the paint it stretched thin, it hurts the functionality.

Everything was easy to apply, but took a fair amount of time to make sure everything was perfect. The magnetic primer needed four coats, each with a 90 minute dry time. Before applying the finish primer, all surfaces had to be sanded down to create a perfectly smooth surface to write on later. The second primer only needed two coats and dried fairly quickly.


The whiteboard paint itself required two components: Part A and Part B. After stirring for five minutes we had a one hour window to paint. The paint cannot be reused after it’s been mixed, so you should plan everything out beforehand.


The paint went on evenly and it was easy to touch up small spots with an extra paintbrush. This last step only required one coat, but we were instructed to pass over the surface ten times to make sure everything was evenly applied. While it only takes 5 hours to be touchable dry, it takes a week to fully cure and be ready for use. The paint is low odor and non-toxic to breath, so it’s safe to live and work around the painted area while you wait.

If you flip over the application guide, a warning sign is revealed. There is also a spot to write the date and time the surface will be ready.


The surfaces functioned exactly as it should, however only strong magnets can be used. It was easy to write on the surface and a simple dry erase cleaner easily kept the surface shining. We tried it on a couple different objects and surfaces: a mug, a painted drywall, and a wooden wall.  As long as it was sturdy and smooth, it was an option for painting.

This kit is very versatile and can be used for whatever you need. The usual use is for office conference rooms and in home spaces to write notes and ideas. We used it under a shelf in the kitchen for writing recipe notes and using magnet clips for shopping lists. It was also used in a kid’s room on the wall for drawing, and on a mug just for fun. The mug was the hardest to paint on, but still worked just as well as the flat surfaces.

While Smarter Surfaces magnetic whiteboard paint doesn’t sell for cheap, it does yield high quality results with a strong finish and ten year lifespan. The paint also won’t chip or yellow in the sun and will remain mark-free with proper care.


The company also sells their magnetic primer and whiteboard paint separately so if you want to have a few secret magnetic spots around the home or office, it’s easy to get started. It could also be a good way to hang up temporary items like holiday décor without worrying about hooks and hangers, or writing a reminder before you leave the house by painting a part of your door. The possibilities are really as wide as you can imagine.