designer two-piece magnetic desk lamp
The Magnon Light from Russian designer Ilya Tkach is a desk lamp unlike any other. It consists of two pieces: A white metal base with an angled post, and a wooden strip containing a strong magnet and a strip of LEDs.
two piece magnetic lamp
The wooden strip can be positioned at any point along the metal base, allowing the user endless customization options. The lamp can be adjusted to different angles to spotlight a certain area or provide a more diffuse illumination.
magnetic magnon lamp
Because the piece containing the lights is removable, it can even be used as a flashlight. Obviously, though, it would only be usable up to a short length due to its cord.
magnon lamp

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Thanks to the magnetic element, the light can be stuck to another metal surface. It can even be used to hold important documents to keep them close at hand and off of a cluttered desktop.