olla modular furniture

It’s no secret that kids (and adults) love playing with LEGO blocks. They can build absolutely anything they dream up and then play with the toys they’ve built with their own hands. This was the principle behind designer¬†Jens Otterstedt’s project: Olla.

olla set completed furniture

Olla is a modular furniture set that kids can put together on their own. With differently sized pieces and four different types of connectors, the Olla system lets kids use their imaginations to create their very own furniture.

Desks, beds, shelves, chairs, and benches can all be built with the pieces. The pieces come in different colors, allowing kids to mix and match to invent the furniture they really want rather than the cookie-cutter furniture available in stores.

olla pieces as pencil holders

The Olla is seeking funding on Indiegogo, but to get enough pieces to make a single piece of furniture you have to pledge at least $228. Still, the designer points out that the individual Olla pieces you can receive for smaller contributions make excellent pencil holders or storage for other small items.