Nod Gesture Control Ring 1
Slide on this ring, wave your hand around in the air and you can change the channel on your TV, skip to the next song on your iPod, control the thermostat or even dim the lights. The Nod may be bulkier than your average ring, but it’s far less obtrusive than other wearable tech like Google Glass, and certainly has more of a purpose than just looking pretty.
Nod Gesture Control Ring 2
Embedded with Broadcom Bluetooth Smart and Nexus-Trellis software, the Nod acts like a wearable universal controller that makes the user look like they’re waving around an invisible wand to control the world around them. The device can interact with virtually anything Bluetooth/WiFi enabled, including Philips Hue lights.
Nod Gesture Control Ring 3
Point at the TV to turn it on, twist your hand to lower the temperature in the room, swipe to browse photos or type notes by moving your finger around in the air. It also works as a controller for games. The Nod’s antenna has a 30-foot range.
Nod Gesture Control Ring 4

Made from jewelry-grade stainless steel, the Nod is available in twelve sizes for a perfect fit, and is waterproof up to 169 feet. It has buttons for those times when you don’t feel like using gesture control, and comes with a little jewelry box that doubles as a charger. Currently available for pre-order, this wearable tech device is surprisingly affordable at $150.