magic glass turns translucent

Sandwiched between two outer layers of conventional glazing sits a liquid crystal polymer membrane that can be activated by remote control or turned on (opaque) and off (see through) via conventional light switches.

Such shifts in opacity mean the same surface can serve as a window, partition, privacy screen or projection surface. Prefabricated with the synthetic core in place, units can be safely brought to and installed on residential or commercial building sites with ease.

This hybrid glazing comes in panels up to ten feet by ten feet, making them potentially applicable in large-scale, floor-to-ceiling settings as well as smaller room-to-room doors and dividers. Design by Russian door makers of Mauer Buro (translates as: wall office).

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“It is a laminated glass, between two sheets of which there is a polymer film with a semiconductor on liquid crystals – Magic Screen Film. Thanks to her, the glass can change light transmission, becoming either transparent or matte.”

magic glass clear to privacy

“Control can be carried out both from a conventional switch, and using a remote control, a motion sensor or a ‘smart home’ system. The working area of ​​electrochromic glass consists of liquid crystal particles located between two layers of a special electrically conductive film. In the off state, the crystals are arranged randomly, forming an opaque matte white surface. When voltage is applied, the crystals instantly take a parallel position with respect to the electric field and the glass becomes transparent, allowing the light flux to penetrate into the room without hindrance. Magic Glass not only delimits the space in the room, but can also serve as a projection screen.”

opacity changing glass

“Mauer Büro is a company for the sale of German doors, fittings and floor coverings, as well as the development of partitions and innovative materials for interiors. The bureau was founded in 2005. The main office is located in St. Petersburg. Representative office – in Yekaterinburg. Mauer Büro specializes in the implementation of complex architectural ideas with the help of optimal engineering solutions and quality products from partners.”